Relating to Britain

  • Baker, Margaret. Folklore and Customs of Rural England. David and Charles (London). 1974. Pages slightly tanned otherwise Good. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0874715490. $4.25
  • Cone, Carl B. The English Jacobins: Reformers in Late 18th Century England. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1968. Pages slightly tanned otherwise Good Plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. $2.55
  • Hearnshaw, F.J.C. ed. The Social and Political Ideas of Some Representative Thinkers of the Revolutionary Era: A Series of Features Delivered at King's College University of London During the Session 1929-1930. Greenwood Press. 1983 Reprint of 1931 ed. Pages slightly tanned otherwise Good Plus.This book was never read.NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 031323860X. $19.90
  • Whitaker, Wilfred B. Victorian and Edwardian Shop Workers: The Struggle to Obtain Better Conditions and a Half-Holiday. David and Charles (Newton Abbot). 1973. Pages slightly tanned otherwise Good Plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0715360302. $3.95
  • ____. The Royal Wedding Philatelic Panels Collection: A Collection of Historic Royal Wedding Commemorative Stamps Complemented by Full-Color Photographs of the Wedding of Prince Charles of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer (Includes: British Antarctic Territory with 4 stamps; Cayman Islands with 4 stamps; Antigua and Barbuda with 3 stamps; Bahamas with 4 stamps; Tuvalu with 3 stamps; Jamaica with 4 stamps; Barbados with 4 stamps; Belize with 3 stamps; Mauritius with 4 stamps; Swaziland with 4 stamps, Falkland Islands with 4 stamps; Nevis with 3 stamps; Kinbati with 3 stamps; Sierra Leone with 3 stamps; Ascension with 4 stamps; Maldives with 3 stamps; St. Helena with 4 stamps; Pitcairn Islands with 4 stamps; Tristan da Cunha with 4 stamps; Turks and Caicos Islands with 3 stamps; Falkland Island Dependencies with 4 stamps; Montserrat with 3 stamps; St. Vincent with 3 stamps; Dominica with 3 stamps; Cork Islands with 2 stamps; Solomon Islands with 4 stamps; St. Kitts with 3 stamps; British Virgin Islands with 4 stamps; Fiji with 4 stamps; Great Britain with 2 stamps. Each page is clear plastic and all pages are in a large (13.5" x 13") binder). Postal Commemorative Society. 1981. Good Plus. Hardcover. $30.00
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