Children's Books

  • Barbo, Maria. The Official Pokemon Handbook (Deluxe Collector's Edition). Scholastic. 1999. Corners bumped. Edges worn otherwise contents are clean. Paperback. ISBN: 0439154049. $1.40
  • Goecke, Michael P. Oviraptor. ABDO Publishing Company. 2007. Contents are spotless. One inch by three inch sticker removed from inside of rear cover. Same size sticker removed from lower left side of front cover. Good Plus EX-LIBRIS Copy. Hardcover. ISBN: 9781599286983. $8.95
  • Holman, Felice. Slake's Limbo. Aladdin Paperbacks. 1986. Pages tanned otherwise Good. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Paperback. ISBN: 0689710666. $1.45
  • Hooke, Nina Warner. The Starveling (with Drawings by Betty Maxey): A Christmas Story, with skill and tenderness, the author, feels her way into the heart of a stray kitten to which the animal kingdom seems no less unfriendly than the human). The John Day Company. 1968 First American Edition. Pages slightly tanned otherwise Good Plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. $3.25
  • Levine, Zac and Vasishtha, Dhruv. Digimon vs. Pokemon: Volume1, Number 11 (Includes: Giant Pin-Up Guide.). Fanzine International Inc. 2.00. Good plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Paperback. $3.90
  • Levine, Zac and Vasishtha, Dhruv. Digimon: Volume1, Number 12. Fanzine International Inc. 2000. Good plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Paperback. $2.45
  • Meltzer,Milton. Weapons and Warfare: From The Stone Age To The Spare Age (Illustrated by Sergio Martinez. For Young Readers). Harper Collins. 1996. Name on front end page. dust jacket torn and tattered otherwise Good.Text is clean.NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0060248750. $3.50
  • Potter, Beatrix. Peter Rabbit and Other Stories. Castle Books. 1977. Cover edges and corners are slightly worn. Scbibble on front end page otherwise contents are clean. Good. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0890091870. $1.99
  • Reeves, Nicholas with Froman, Nan. Into The Mummy's Tomb. Scholastic / Madison Press. 1992. Good plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0590457527. $1.75
  • Royston, Angela. Magnets (My World of Science Series). Heinemann Library. 2002. Text is spotless. Good Plus EX-LIBRIS Copy with markings. Hardcover. ISBN: 1588102432. $2.95
  • Strasshofer, Craig. The Case of the Big Drip (Science Court; To Serve and Observe). Troll. 1998. Pages slightly tanned otherwise Good Plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Paperback. ISBN: 0816749272. $1.40
  • Watson, Jane Werner. How To Tell Time (Pictures by Eleanor Dart). Western Publishing Company. 1973. Pages slightly tanned. Corners bumped. Cover edges and corners are worn. Movable clock hands missing. Text is clean. Hardcover. $1.75
  • Zalme, Ron. World's Best Pokemon Drawing Book (Draw 27 all-new Pokemon.). Troll. 2000. Contents clean. Good plus. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Paperback. ISBN: 0816769729. $4.00
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