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  • Patterson, Margaret C. Literary Research Guide: An evaluative, annotated bibliography of important reference books and periodicals on American and English literature, of the most useful sources for research in other national literatures, and of more than 300 reference books in literature-related subject areas. Gale Research Company. 1976. Covers scuffed. Pages tanned otherwise Good. NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 081031102X. $3.35
  • Rogers, Samuel;Campbell, Thomas; Montgomery, James; Lamb, Charles. The Poetical Works of Roger Campbell, J. Montgomery, and Kirke White (Complete in One Volume. Samuel Rogers; Thomas Campbell; James Montgomery; Charles Lamb; Henry Kirke White). J. Grigg. 1834. Pages slightly tanned. Covers rubbed and scuffed. Top and bottom of spine are worn and slightly torn. Light foxing otherwise contents are clean and tight. Hardcover. $18.75
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