The Junius Controversy

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  • Cordasco, Francesco. Junius: A Bibliography of the Letters with a Checklist of Junian Scholarship and Related Studies. Junius-Vaughn. 1986. As New.Sold by authorized distributer of the author's books. Hardcover. ISBN: 0940198045. $27.50
  • Cordasco, Francesco and Simonson,Gustave. Junius and His Works: A History of the Letters of Junius and the Authorship Controversy. Junius-Vaughn Press. 1986. As New.This book was never read.NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0940198057. $24.75
  • Ellegard, Alvar. Who was Junius? (Companion volume to the author's A Statistical Method for determining authorship: The Junius Letters, 1769-1772. Reprint of the edition published by Almquist and Wiksell, Stockholm). Greenwood Press. 1979 reprint of 1962 edition. Good Plus. This book was never read.NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0313211140. $12.25
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