Western Americana

  • Harris,Matthew L.and Buckley,Jay H.(Editors). Zebulon Pike,Thomas Jefferson,and The Opening of The American West. University of Oklahoma Press. 2012. Good plus.NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 9780806142432. $10.00
  • Hill,George Canning. Daniel Boone:The Pioneer Of Kentucky. Forgotten Books(Reprint of 1866 J.B.Lippincott Edition. . Good Plus. Paperback. ISBN: 9781330624739. $9.00
  • Rydjord, John. Foreign Interest in the Independence of New Spain: An Introduction to the War for Independence. Octagon. 1972 reprint of 1935 ed. Good Plus. This book was never read.NOT EX-LIBRIS. Hardcover. ISBN: 0374970017. $4.90
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